An emerging stream of inspiration that is essentially remixes of unreleased original material, using samples, trap & dub rhythms, jazzy chord voicings, and latin tinges…

“Thanks” to a decommissioned laptop after a water bottle opened in my backpack high in the hills of Oaxaca (in San Jose del Pacifico, the psychadelic mushroom capital of Mexico, to be exact), production moved to an iPad this past summer.

Traveling light is inspiring in and of itself, but, in addition to that, it’s changed everything. I mean, you can play the thing. No drawing in notes or needing a keyboard controller. I sent controllers back to the US because light & compact has always been the name of this game! I’m loving Beatmaker 3 as my DAW, synth apps like those by Moog and the tactile nature of the iPad.

And digging up old samples of unreleased material and remixing it is a joy in this context. It’s actually the first time I’ve really felt confident about remixing really any piece of music. More to come!